English major with a passion for writing & all things nerdy.

Soon to be •Mrs.• (◕‿-)

Laying down the armor I wear around myself one step at a time.

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The sparks in his eyes are igniting a fire deep within my heart.

They say seeing is believing.

I say look at yourself in the mirror, & see that you are the beautiful soul that enriches so many lives…

It’s time to believe.

There is such a beauty in being; in living. You grow mentally, physically, & spiritually everyday without a limit. When there is nothing to tell you to ever stop dreaming, & you are truly alive.

To live, to be, to exsist. That is all any human wants. There are always times when we feel as though we aren’t even breathing, as if we don’t matter. The truth is, you do. YOU were made to do so many great things with the wonderful being that YOU are. YOUR smile, YOUR presence is as needed as the sun in the sky. YOU are loved. No matter what day you’ve had, no matter the way that someone has treated you; pay it no mind. The day, or that individual did not realize what a precious light that has been brought into this realm. Never give up, there is still so much left to fight for.


I’d like to think of myself as a sort of book. A book that you can lose yourself completely in, with just a turn of the page. One that is never ending, with so many twists, turns, and ever flowing emotion that just drags you into the depths of the fantasy. 

To many who personally know me, I am a bit of a daydreamer and I have been told that I do live in some sort of fantasy realm; & yes I do.

In my realm I am the hero. The one that is saving others, but somehow manages to save herself in the process. I am a traveler, never weary for home for I always seem to find the right place to let my adventurous soul lie. I am everything, and yet nothing at all. I am writing endlessly of whatever creature or character who bravely steps into my world.

In this world, I feel no pain or worry; only the triumph of making it through the day. 

I am finally in control of something enjoyable. Something I can see myself in for the rest of my existence. To be free of the constraints I have forever confined myself to.

That is my fantasy, letting myself go. Go to a place never seen, nor heard of. A dream that I find myself dreaming all too often.

The truth is, this world isn’t real. I know that. It’s something of my own design, and I am the architect of its destruction. An immaterial object that will never see the light of day; until I write.

When I write, the words come alive like a match to a flame.  Words scrawl across the page, dancing waiting for whatever is next to come. Lately, this liveliness has seem to have left me; ever so slowly.

I cannot be forced into a category of one’s design. I am my own category. Maybe that is why the passion inside my heart is threatening to die; that once bright light slowly fading away further away from me.

It’s frightening to lose that drive the one that carried you far away. 

I cannot lose it.

I will not. 

I am the writer of my own story, and it is very far from ending.

Ignorance is bliss, or so they say. Being blissfully unaware of the people you trust, never knowing the truth to the lies they share. The bliss is slowly turning into a reality for me.

One of the most beautiful things about being with the one you love are the moments that you hold each other, & even in complete silence, the sound of his heartbeat is the most beautiful song to ever come across your ears.