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Soft. Sweet. Peace.: So there are all these people in my life… And they are all very...>


So there are all these people in my life… And they are all very special to me. No matter what con they are from. They are important. They all have different things going on in their lives good and bad, but no matter what I try to at the very least understand what is going on and try to help them….

you have to be the most awesome friend I have made on Tumblr. I heart you ;]

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Just a few more daysssss!

& the giveaway is over!

:D I am excited!!!!

& just to keep things fair, the winner will be chosen through a random name generator :)

Thank you, and stay tuned for more surprises! ;3

<3 & hope.


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You had a bad day…..

Today was one of those days that nothing seemed to go right. My pay card was down to their system updating, some wanna be scene kids almost rammed my car, and I almost hit another dog. *sigh* I feel like I am a walking rain cloud. & Yes, I know it can be worse. I just feel like throwing myself a pity party to where everyone is invited. :D & no, there won’t be any cake. I apologize.

On another note, I have had quite the inspiration from Tumblr, for a poem I have been working on. My book is not yet completed either, but I am feeling confident of what is to come. I am also considering making kawaii style plushies, just for the fun of it. I am so inspired and in love with Japanese culture, that it seems fitting.

:) Thanks to those who are following, and I hope more will soon follow. My dreams are a work in progress, thanks to people like you, who take the time to read whatever I have to say. Thank you!

So I have completed all of the Ellen Hopkins books but one. & that is her newest release, ‘Perfect’. I am excited to see what heart breakingly true to life tale she will unfold next. In the manga department, I am reading ‘Stepping on Roses,’ & ‘Dengaki Daisy.’ Both are very good reads, and I hope that you will take the time to pick one up at your local bookstore! ;)

Hope & love,